Our Pillars

Through our decades of experience in business and healthcare, we appreciate that the key to success is building a home for doctors, staff, and pet parents where each feel supported, empowered, and proud. Cara's commitment to our pillars is what helps us foster this strong community culture.

Put pets first

Our first priority is always the health, happiness, and comfort of our four- legged patients. We have designed the Cara experience with the animal perspective in mind. And our care advice is based only on what is best for the pet.

Trust the parent

We believe that caring for an animal is a partnership built on mutual trust and humility. We trust parents to make the right decisions for themselves and their pets, and invite them to actively participate in care alongside us.

Good neighbors

Although our business is growing, we retain the attitude and spirit of a neighborhood veterinarian. We welcome people in. We get to know our clients' families, and are proud to play an active role in our local communities.

Authentically human

Caring for a pet involves the full spectrum of emotions, from joy to grief. We must lean into openness, empathy, and compassionate listening. We know when to be fun, and when to be serious. At all times, we foster a supportive, positive, and authentically human hospital culture.

Shake things up

Cara is always looking for a better way. In an industry that hasn't seen a lot of innovation, we are experimenting with new ways of delivering care, delighting customers with unexpectedly human (and animal) touches, and infusing our hospitals with fresh ideas.