Who We Are

PETER BROWN, DVM | President

Peter BrownAfter joining Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic in 1991, I, along with my amazing partners Greg Ingman and Jake Searle, focused on creating a family environment that provided great medicine. Every decision was made with the question "is it best for the pet?". By leading with medicine, our financial success was amazing.

It was also critical that we had a family culture, which we worked tirelessly to create. This culture led to long-term retention of our doctors and staff. Retention of clients depends on staff consistency. Chuckanut had the most amazing team, as well as clients. The consistent double-digit revenue growth over two decades happened because of our great people and our focus on always providing the best medicine.

With the success of Chuckanut (leading the industry in % diagnostics, ATC, and client compliance) in a rural part of Washington state, I was presented with many great opportunities to teach veterinarians throughout the world (North America, Europe, Asia, Australia). The focus of my presentations has been how to use the "wow factor" of customer experience to enable hospitals to practice best medicine and drive financial success.

Cara is a dream come true for me. I have been searching for an opportunity to build a company that represents what I have learned through my Chuckanut journey. I love this profession; it is the greatest career in the world, but I worry about the future. Consolidation often damages the family culture that made a hospital successful. Job satisfaction is dropping and suicide rates are climbing. Cara will address these issues with its family approach.

KEVIN CARTER | Vice President of Hospital Operations

My career in veterinary medicine started in 1991, by building a successful nine practice group in the Southern California market. That experience shaped my path in the industry, leading me to multiple regional leadership positions, where I managed large specialty centers and general practice hospitals. I first connected with Dr. Peter Brown ­at WVC in 2018. Given our similar philosophies and ideals, we had an instant professional rapport. Both of us believe in creating a culture where our doctors and employees are valued for the excellent care they provide. We are dedicated to building a family organization where each member feels passionate and supported. I strongly believe that by working with a people-first approach we can lead teams and organizations to realize their true potential in service excellence.   

Building Cara has been humbling and exciting. The opportunity to work with Dr. Brown and the talented Cara team has been the highlight of my career.  The team's drive in delivering exceptional experience for pet parent and providing the highest standard of care for our patients consistently inspires me in how I lead and support them in creating a world-class family of hospitals.

Today, with so many options for practice owners, the decision to sell can be confusing and overwhelming. As a family-owned group, Cara offers sellers a uniquely different option than many corporate consolidators. We never aim to change who you are, we aim to support the practice and help it realize its long term vision. We aim to preserve and celebrate your legacy within the Cara family. We are always grateful for the opportunity to connect with practice owners and look forward to working with you and your team on the next chapter in your hospital's journey.

Reese Duck | Director of Business Development

My introduction to veterinary medicine began as a teen, working for a small veterinary practice in Oakland, California. This exposure led to my life-long career in the industry. Since 1998, I have enjoyed much success within the veterinary pharmaceutical industry, in sales roles, where I collaborated with practice owners and staff to improve hospital marketing and grow product sales while streamlining inventory. 

Now alongside Cara, I have the opportunity to learn new ways to serve the compassionate and hard-working people within our profession. The members of Cara truly embody the spirit of a strong family practice, which is why I was thrilled to join Dr. Peter Brown in providing career transition solutions to practice owners. 

I am grateful to have had a long, fulfilling career within our veterinary community and look forward to embracing the changes we face, together, in years to come. I am proud to have joined Cara's experienced leadership team as a way to serve our community in a new capacity. On behalf of our Cara family, I trust that you will also find us a welcome place to begin anew. 


Building Businesses is Our Life

In addition to our healthcare legacy, our families have built businesses in hospitality and other industries to national and international scale, and operate in all 50 states. We have owned or led the growth of businesses including:


Our Resources are Yours

We have built extensive resources and relationships over our decades of healthcare and other business pursuits. We will employ all of these to build Cara into a premier provider of veterinary medicine. Areas in which our resources may add value to your practice include:

  • Preserving and scaling culture
  • Customer engagement
  • Hiring, training, & retaining
  • Pricing optimization
  • Inventory management
  • Technology & systems
  • Real estate site selection